Ages 21+ bar venue (for All Ages alternatives in Cincinnati, join

50 to 100 people (ranging from comfortable to packed, that is)
*** Touring bands: We cannot confirm a date here until you secure local support to handle the show's promotion.

Load-in 9pm (if earlier is needed please contact us ahead of time) Show begins 10pm (can continue until 2am)

There is a PA (2 small Peavey mains hanging from ceiling, mixer/amp head) and two 300 watt sub woofers. DJ parties and louder bands usually bring in their own system to ensure the sound they need. There is a mixer with onboard effects and a snake on the stage running a feed to it. Bringing your own cables and DI boxes is a good idea.

Several large lightbox art pieces surround the performance area and dance floor. They can be turned off if needed, the Rake's normal lights are controlled by dimmers, and there are often a few colored flood lights with clips hanging around the stage area if needed. Any more elaborate lighting would need to be brought for your show.

There really isn't one. It's only big enough for a DJ set up, and works fine for DJ parties, but bands are typically on the floor and make due with the space however they see best.

It is the responsibility of the bands/DJ/promoters to get word out about events. This is crucial, as Rake's End is a very underground venue in an obscure location. Please post event info on the Rake's FB page, the Cincinnati DIY forum, flyer for your show around town, etc. If you need to CANCEL your show, inform the venue immediately (email, phone, or preferably both) so we can book a new event in its place, and maintain your good reputation to work out another date in the future. Rake's staff facilitates events but does not act as promoter.

Please understand the absolute necessity of LOCAL SUPPORT at this venue. Having local bands play and handle flyering for your show is what enables an audience! Having some booking agent just mail posters to the venue doesn't do much at all, to be totally realistic! You will need local contacts for us to secure you a date at Rake's End. We do NOT prefer working with booking agents, as this venue yields itself best to the DIY-minded.

We don't typically cover door charges at the Rake. However, if you are interesting in charging at the door we make exceptions if we are contacted a head of time. If you choose to do a door charge, the payout of 15% of the bar sales will no longer be provided. We also do not have a dedicated person to charge at the door -- you would need to have someone tend to that throughout the night if you wish to collect the charge. We also reserve the right to allow anyone inside the bar without charging them. (There are many locals who come regardless of the show happening to just drink -- we prefer to not charge them at the door if they are not there specifically for the show) Keep in mind you are always welcome to collect donations.

Promoter is given 15% of bar sales at the end of the event. You are welcome to supplement this via taking donations and selling merchandise if needed. Consult Jerome for specific plans (including DRINK SPECIALS) and do whatever is needed, especially to take care of your TOURING BANDS.

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